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And UHD content will be more prominent, gaining its very own section within My Q.To some, Sky Q is something of a fossil in a world of modern multi-screened streamed services, such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Most people shouldn't need it, but it's a shame it's not ready yet, as it could solve some of the few connectivity issues I had during testing.The easiest way to describe it is that it essentially brings Netflix-style viewing to your premium TV package.At the heart of the system sits the main Sky Q box, of which there are two options.In particular, be wary of forum advice on which options to change, as the advice doesn’t always consider how the mesh network works.It’s also worth bearing in mind that, although the mesh network ensures a strong signal across your home, it does so by using a technique known as wireless repeating, which means that the further you get away from the Sky Q Hub router, the lower the peak achievable throughput speed.

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Finally, if you opt for Sky broadband, you also get the brand new Sky Q Hub.

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