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Cora swindles funeral director Les Coker (Roger Sloman) as a means of increasing shop sales.When Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) goes into labour, Cora helps deliver her baby daughter, Lexi.She asks Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas) to help her move her things, saying he can keep one of her belongings as payment.He asks for her candlesticks, but she says they are the only decent thing she owns, so she lets him buy them for £200.Cora arrives at Tanya's house just as Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) is throttling Rainie so Cora fends Shirley off and threatens her. When Max returns because Abi is worried about Tanya, it leads to Lauren revealing that Tanya has cervical cancer and has stopped her treatment.

Dot later kicks Cora out for laughing at her and using language that Dot dislikes.She then tells Cora and Rainie that William did not die peacefully as they thought, but he was in constant pain so Tanya helped him to die.Cora is initially horrified, but after Tanya explains further the circumstances surrounding William's death, they reconcile.Cora's other daughter, Rainie Cross, (Tanya Franks) also arrives at Tanya's house, which Tanya is initially unhappy about, but Cora vouches for her by promising that she is now clean from drugs and explains that Rainie's counsellor thinks she should reconnect with her family. On Tanya's hen night, Cora takes a dislike to Vanessa Gold (Zöe Lucker) after Vanessa laughs about them living on a council estate.The next day, Tanya's ex-husband, Max Branning (Jake Wood), goes to Tanya's house after tearing their daughter Abi Branning's (Lorna Fitzgerald) bridesmaid dress; Tanya does not want to see him so Cora attempts to sort him out.

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