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I’ve paid a price to lead this life.” On November 2, 2013, she set off on the historic flight and it wasn’t long before the spectre of Mary Heath appeared.

“I’d been minutely going over her memoirs and started to have what I call my 'Lady Heath moments’,” she says.

She scandalised Twenties society by dressing in furs, smoking Turkish cigarettes and marrying three times (at the height of her fame she wed Conservative MP Sir James Heath – her second husband, 45 years her senior).

Then 86 years ago, aged 31, she became the first pilot to fly an open-cockpit plane, solo, from South Africa to Egypt, covering 9,000 miles in three months. Lady Heath was hailed as the nation’s sweetheart and called “Lady Icarus” by the press. Only a year later she suffered a horrific accident at the National Air Show in Ohio, when her plane crashed through the roof of a building.

HYANNIS — Cape Cod Healthcare officials are working with local police departments to make sure emergency room physicians get the whole story about people transported to the hospital with mental health issues before releasing the patients.

Cape police have complained that too often patients taken to Cape Cod and Falmouth hospitals after serious threats of self harm are back on the street before the police even get back to the station.

She had her first flying lesson at the age of 16, but it wasn’t until she moved to New Zealand in her twenties that she discovered the joy of vintage planes.

She was the first woman in Britain to gain a commercial pilot’s licence, the first to make a parachute jump — and the first British women’s javelin champion.

She vowed to recreate the Cape Town to Cairo flight and bring her new heroine back into the spotlight. The trip itself was five years in the planning – not least because Curtis-Taylor had to find a vintage plane that could stand up to the African heat.

She scoured the globe, travelling to the United States and South Africa and viewing one in England (“it was an old dog”).

There was another time in Uganda, when I flew into a prohibited zone.

The controller gave me the wrong directions, so I ended up over the president’s house.

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