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Bill and Melinda Gates did, and she dated the boss!If there truly is a connection, and you both know it and acknowledge it, it’s something to consider.How will you handle socializing with his friends who will be much younger and possibly also even your junior staff? And many women are now choosing younger men for mates because they offer something special.If you do go forward and date Robert, you’ll have to work out your issues, as any other couple would.Right.” A few months ago the company hired a new Junior Manager.Robert is a charming and intelligent 32-year old (who is also single).

I’m really dedicated to my job and put in many long hours, but I’m also single and still looking for “Mr.If you met Robert outside of your job, would you really be attracted to him enough to date him? Could his main interest in you be that he sees you as a fast track to a promotion?Surely you realize that if you date someone at work, the risks and penalties can be a lot more than just wounded pride, losing a good friend, or suffering a broken heart.I know that some people say offices romances are too risky, but what if Robert is “the one” and I miss my chance to connect with him?Is it realistic or even fair for me to encourage this type of relationship? If you’re spending a lot of late nights at the office, you’re supposed to be working, not socializing.

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