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Just like I mentioned in our review of the site, their service hasn’t really changed all that much during this time.

im done with people half assing the challenges I don't even remember what it tastes like, i had it once, and that was a cheap pre-mixed version like 12 years ago. I was out with a friend, in the middle of the night, playing in the snow, yes really. The 50 bucks I sent him, paid for his eats for the week. 2) Yak should ban your redneck ass, because you're slandering my video(and others), when you yourself..should make a video…. 3) I made this video 5 days ago, before yak set the rules in stone.

2 random chicks invited us in for a "party", there was eggnog. Also, I WORK TOO MUCH, SO I MISS OUT ON THINGS(RULES) HERE SOMETIMES. CLEARLY, I'M NOT WHITE TRASH, YOU CRIPPLED, ASS-CHAPPING, WANNA BE MOD, FAGGOT. 6) YOUR FACE, AND BULLY COMMENTS ARE WEAK, AND PREDICTABLE. 8)dush posts a video doing the pizza roll challenge barret downvotes zeke posts a video of him sipping glasses of what could very well be water with an extreme closeup of his face barret upvotes just throwin that out there Good thing to know when the zombie apocalypse hits that you'll be extremely useful to the tribe.

Sigh why couldn't he just stfu and let things be..bout this: i'll solve everyones problems here with a simple solution the ab off is back on between zeke and tr rules are simple entrants have until sunday am est of next week to submit an entry (or have someone submit an entry for them) at which time zeke will be unbanned if he submits an entry. Alright I'm done with diz.( AM) tr_willk: hmmm ( AM) tr_willk: so, how do i submit my abs?

if zeke doesn't submit an entry he will be permanently banned and shitlisted if tr doesn't submit an entry he will be permanently banned and shitlisted if zeke wants he can get unbanned earlier submissions are in the form of the users making a video showing off their abs so people can judge judging is based off of votes so i would suggest making it 'interesting' The ab off was supposed to be until Jan 1st, what's the point of an ab off if it's to post results after one weeks training, you know it takes longer than that to get any visible results yak. ( AM) yak: you can email me a link or you can tell me before you want to submit it and i can unban you to submit it ( AM) tr_willk: i just shot it ( AM) tr_willk: it's not like i wasn't going to do it ( AM) tr_willk: yet another command performance ( AM) tr_willk: they aren't that impressive yet, though ( AM) yak: its not going to be boring is it?

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