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There is a widespread presumption today that the Catholic Church’s vision of marriage is antiquated and in need of an update, if not a serious overhaul.Beneath the multifaceted debates around the issue lies a question about love: when we say two people love each other, what are we talking about? As Scarlett Johansson says, “Marriage is very romantic…

” I imagine many are skeptical and they will have their reasons for being so.But, tell me, if our hearts lose faith, what’s left?Repeat after me: “ Persuade me of that absurdity, and I will consider admitting that the Catholic vision of marriage is “out of date.” Before you do though, let’s take a deeper look at the 4 characteristics that I think are intrinsic to the very nature of love itself.As we see in this video, true union, true intimacy requires a long journey of trials and sacrifice.Every time we are required to break through the walls of egoism and suffer the puddles and accidents that life presents us with, we are taking one step closer to true union.

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