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The interdisciplinary approach at Yale University provides students with a comprehensive education encompassing the breadth of the earth science fields.

Students are offered the opportunity to engage in cutting edge research projects, participate in domestic and international field trips to gain field experience, apply for fellowships within and outside of Yale University and to teach courses.

(Image Source) Years of human interference and negligence on this planet have interrupted the natural processes of the earth.

Processes which restore, repair and sustain the resources and systems essential to the continued health of the many inhabitants of the planet are not functioning as they were intended.

Students are trained to become leaders and are afforded the opportunity to make their own contributions to their individual fields of study.

The unique graduate degrees offered at the University of Chicago’s Department of Geophysical Science are flexible programs designed by the students with the assistance of an adviser.

Alternative methods of doing business are necessary to prevent further damage to the earth’s systems and resources.

The methods of performing the tasks of manufacturing, waste disposal, of controlling chemical emissions, of developing property without damaging the ecology of the area and nearly every other task associated with the various business industries are affected by these necessary changes.

Students are exposed to the varying disciplines which offer insight into the evolution of life, earth, atmosphere and the oceans.

Research seminars and independent research are an integral aspect of the program.

The Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago, established in 1961, provides comprehensive studies in the geo-sciences fields with concentrated, research intensive programs.

And it is the earth scientists on whom businesses, governments and citizens are relying to direct and implement these changes.

The vast amount of knowledge accumulated in these disciplines throughout science’s brief history is barely a fraction of what is necessary to understand the forces and processes of the earth.

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