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All your other spending arguments are subject to opinion as well.

For instance Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are in desperate need of reform.

→ now it is payback time for the residential developers that have made big profits from building those apartment blocks, as they are being pressured to help the city meet the demand for more affordable housing.

*Ticketed Event* We invite Las Vegas to join us on December 18th, 2017 for a private movie screening of “Women Like Us.” Please follow the link to purchase your tickets to this special theater screening. View The Gallery We invited our readers to join us for an exclusive event as we introduce Deluxe Version Magazine Los Angeles, with special guest host Eden Sassoon!

But once in a while, a leftist attempts to put forth a cogent argument in reasonable tones.

I think it is worth approving these comments so that the conversation can move forward.

The Doheny Room: Jewel and fellow celebs lend stardom to illuminate the hurt of homelessness. He and the Vanderpump team are committed to rescuing dogs from around the globe and giving them a better life. Entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner continues the grand opening celebration of Sugar Factory American Brasserie’s newest location at the Fashion Show … Campbell, owner of the Center for Wellness & Pain Care, it can! Campbell’s new location in Henderson, NV, he and the staff are sharply focused on regenerative medicine. By Stacey Gualandi While he was a struggling fashion designer-to-bein New York City, Willfredo Gerardo had a choice: use the remaining few dollars in his pocket topay for a hotel room, orbuy himself a meal. By Stacey Gualandi | Photos By Emily Westberg Mallory Dawn has just spent a long, hot weekend creating a visual masterpiece on a massive corrugated metal wall inside the Las Vegas headquarters of the luxe resort, The Cosmopolitan of Las …

In June, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jewel spoke at the Las Vegas-based Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (org) to share her personal story of homelessness and survival, as well … By Stacey Gualandi Watching Desmond Mason work a jam-packed art gallery is the same as watching the former NBA star finesse his way down the court for one of his signature “ slam dunks.” He keeps his eye on …

You also miss another important point: When the government “gives” people stuff, it can only do so by first taking it away from another citizen.

By Chelsea Abate When you think of a superhero, a cape and an array of supernatural powers is what comes to mind. By Urian Booze Santorini: A boundless expanse of blue and white from sea to sky and everywhere in between.

However, for Ashley Chanel, her superpowers come out through her creative approach to life. With jaw-dropping views from every angle and an active volcano seemingly an arm’s reach away, it’s the island hopper’s dream …

By Stacey Gualandi “I think people from Texas sort of stick out like a sore thumb…in a good way! If not, you will soon, whether you’re a Wimbledon fan or not. Although West-coast meteorologists aren’t likely to predict freezing temperatures anytime soon, winter is on approach in much of the United States.

” says Blair Bomar, a one-time Dallas debutante now making her way through Hollywood. By Mariah Walton Connecting with Brenda Ferrell was definitely one of those situations where you say to yourself, “all good things come to those who wait.” Amidst her demanding schedule of traveling around the world and hairstyling for reality … This Tennis Channel host is part television personality, part diverse entrepreneurial spirit, who spent her Fall 2016 having her … Many of us on the left coast enjoy vacationing in snow-laden areas for the …

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While taking it down entirely until a solution is figured out may not be the greatest idea, I hardly think allocating them money for what is going to be changed anyway is not very productive either.

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