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I have been directly approached there by hot guys in the locker room when they get a look at my big dick.

I have hooked up on 3 occasions there, once being sucked off in the sauna by a hot Asian twink with a great, well toned body and a juicy, cock hungry mouth.

Last night I was there, getting cruised by one of the hottest fuckers I have ever seen cruise; was about to pop on the bench and along comes two ugly guys and this old codger reading the Bible!

In fact, there's a new sign posted warning people of lewd conduct.

Please be sure to secure wires to avoid damage and causing additional charges as well as to protect the animal!

Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day - includes towing, lock-out, dead battery, flat tire and more.

I've been going two times a week since I started a new job nearby in early February. I've been able to meet guys and move it to my truck in the parking lot.

Just park out of the security camera's line of sight.

Even the 24 Hour Fitness in Hillcrest, the gay neighborhood in San Diego, is not nearly as action packed as this one for scoring guys.

The guy cummed and clamped down on my dick then I blew my load up his ass. For those of you who just whip it out and do it, you're not doing anyone any favors.

While 24 is not a bathhouse there are some perks, but nearly every chance gets ruined by those who can't take a hint.

This was my first time in the locker room tonight after a swim.

There was a really good-looking guy, who was hairy in all the right places.

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I was in town for business and observed exactly what an earlier comment mentioned: old trolls living in the sauna.

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