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Even though it may be hard to accept, you will not only become involved with his or her children but other family members as well.

Although the feelings of adult children regarding your remarrying must be considered, the final decision must be made by both of you for the best interests of all.

The stepfather’s or stepmother’s role may be demanding and traumatic, when young children are involved.

We have observed that a husband and wife may agree on nearly everything except how to raise children, their own or someone else’s!

They can best give you objective advice about your relationship.

Once you’re comfortable with the decision you have made, announce your intentions to your children privately. After you decide to remarry, most loving children will want your marriage to succeed. If not, the passage of time usually helps people adjust to new situation.

Whatever you do, be sure you’re guided by the Scriptures in your pursuits.

Surround yourself with prayer to help you follow God’s will.

In practically every interview we conducted with widows and widowers, remarriage was a common topic of conversation.It’s nearly impossible to remain detached from such problems once a couple is united in a remarriage.Often the family situation is still more challenging when you marry a divorced person and bring a child who has been living with the ex-spouse into your new home.Some children of divorced parents are very troubled.They have a great capacity to spread discord wherever they go.

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As part of the research for writing this [article], we interviewed survivors who have married so we could list criteria to consider before remarrying. If you have difficulty resolving any of the questions posed, you need to examine your reasons for remarriage and your overall goals.

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