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If they did wear foot coverings, they were crafted out of animal skins that didn’t disrupt the transfer of the Earth’s electrical energy.

Plastic, rubber, wood, and glass are all materials that insulate you from the flow of energy from the Earth – the very materials used in your home and shoes! We’ve become disconnected from this important energy from the Earth.

Your body is a sophisticated electrical being with a multitude of electrical circuits.

Your cells and organs require electrical energy to function properly. Just about every tissue in your body is energized with electrical currents, including your immune system, nervous system, brain, muscles, heart, lungs, and even your behavior!

The next time you take a walk on a beach or through a patch of dew-kissed grass, try this simple experiment: Take off your shoes and socks.

After a couple of minutes, see if you notice an unusual tingling or warmth radiating from your feet.

How about a greater sense of well-being or a “feel-good” sensation? These are all signs that you’re tapping into the tremendous power of the Earth’s energy.

According to Chinese tradition, Qi (“chee”) is the energy or natural force that fills the universe.I realize not everyone has the ability to go to the beach but even if you could, most of your day will still not be grounded.Many of you are like me, and connected to your computer for many hours a day.The implications for using grounding to improve muscle function go far beyond athletes… Grounding yourself while lifting weights – or while doing any other physical activity – could potentially help preserve muscle.As you likely know, I am not recommending anything I don’t personally do.

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