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Click a material from the results list to see the full datasheet or add the data sheets to your folder for comparison or export.

[36] He named it osmium after Greek osme meaning a smell , because of the ashy and smoky smell of the volatile osmium tetroxide.

Although very durable compared to steel and chromium needle points, osmium-alloy tips wore out far more rapidly than competing, and costlier, sapphire and diamond tips and were discontinued.

The hardness of osmium is moderately high at 7009400000000000000♠4GPa.

Metal or a child category like Aluminum Alloy from the category tree.

If you see this object as a result of a single IP query, it means the IP address is currently in the free pool of address space managed by the RIPE NCC.However, rhenium does not occur freely in nature or as a compound in mineral ores.Rhodium can be separated from the residue by treatment with molten sodium bisulfate.56×10 10years) and is used extensively in dating terrestrial as well as meteoricrocks (see rhenium-osmium dating).Click on the [ ] symbol to open branches on the tree.

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This is the reason why they often exhibit several common oxidation states.

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