Dailymile widget not updating

Neither were traditional swimmers, but just two regular guys who wanted to race.

With them out of the room, I felt a little more comfortable.

They began what looked like a race across the pool.

I can only guess they were two dudes who made a bet with each other to see who was faster.

I have found that the GPS is close so I have to be careful I don't go beyond my next turn.

Basically, with the little time I have had this unit, I like its benifits and ease of use.

I remember this being a problem a few versions ago and they resolved it in an update, but it appears broken again.

This year I started using Dailymile to keep track of my running.

The Go-50 does a great job and allows 40 such stops, which is more than I need.

In the hopes of getting a free pass to skip my workout, I sent these: When I walked into the pool area it was empty except for these two sketchy-looking guys creeping around the side of the pool. They kept reaching for each other and smacking each other.

I walk to the end of a lane, hop in the pool and at about the same time the dudes get into the lane next to me.

I like their sharing widgets, but I wasn’t happy with how they slowed down page load times.

So I wrote this little Word Press plugin to make them even better.

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I woke up Monday feeling like I was out drinking all night - I was not. Being the dedicated triathlete I am, I packed my swim stuff (but decided to forgo a swim) and went to work hoping the ache in my head would be gone by the end of the work day.

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