Dating and marriage customs in south korea

Many foreigners choose to leave after a taste of Korea and that makes locals conclude that foreigners aren’t in Korea for the long term.

For the last choice, Korean women must seriously consider what their peers will think of them. ” Note: I’m not even speaking for the foreigners who aren’t Westerners.You’ll have plenty of time during your stay here to ask yourself that.The reason why I pose this question to you because you have to be honest with both yourself and with the women you’re with.Like flying fish that jump out of the water for the first time, they will know that there is more to life than the society in which they grew up in (as for anyone leaving their native surroundings for the first time!) Some of my Korean friends liked travelling so much that they never really came back.

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I’m also not saying that there aren’t valid reasons for the circumstances we face.

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