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He was killed in the savage fighting for Mosul while she was employed by the terror group enforcing the strict Islamic dress code on women in the city.

She burst into tears after her capture and said she just wanted to come home -something not likely to happen for some time.

Earlier this month Wenzel revealed a girl Jordanian named Fatema convinced her to convert in 2016 after the pair got chatting on jihadist forums.

They said she had also started learning Arabic and then she suddenly vanished after telling her mother Catherine she was going to stay with friends.The clear threat of a trial in Baghdad and a potentially lengthy prison sentence or even capital punishment has worried Wenzel's father.Reiner Wenzel said: 'I want so much that my Linda comes home again healthy. The authorities absolutely have to bring her to Germany so that she can get a fair trial.'He said that he had not had any personal contact with his daughter since she joined ISIS a year ago but added: 'I was, however, told that Linda was not involved in any acts of war.'Wenzel was reportedly worked for special brigade that whipped women who didn't wear a full-face veil.This contradicted Der Spiegel which reported last week that VW had been first to disclose the matter in July 2016.After Daimler and other truckmakers were accused in 2011 of price fixing and subsequently fined, the German company at least in part pulled out of the industry tie-ups that are now the subject of inquiries, Sueddeutsche Zeitung said.

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