Dating of jesus crucifixion

What they don't mention is that the word often refers to more complex constructions, such as the cross.

(stauroo) which was more common, stauros can mean a stake which was sometimes pointed on which an executed criminal was publicly displayed in shame as a further punishment. During this early period, a wooden beam, known as a furca or patibulum was placed on the slave's neck and bound to his arms. When the procession arrived at the execution site, a vertical stake was fixed into the ground. Above him was placed the title, JESUS THE NAZARENE, THE KING OF THE JEWS.

There were two possible ways of erecting the stauros. The WT considers the churches as "unclean" for using the cross as a symbol of the death of Jesus.

The condemned man could be fastened to the cross lying on the ground at the place of execution, and so lifted up on the cross. While it is agreed that worship of the cross or any other symbol is wrong, the use of a symbol for illustrative purposes has never been wrong, either in the NT or OT records.

Alternatively, it was probably usual to have the stake implanted in the ground before the execution. For instance, cherubs (angels) were embroidered on the curtains of the tabernacle in Moses' time (Ex. The Watchtower even uses a tower as their own special symbol.

The victim was tied to the crosspiece, and was hoisted up with the horizontal beam and made fast to the vertical stake. It would be unlikely that Christian Jews would have been buried in that area after 135 A. since the Romans forbade Jews to enter Aelia Capitolina . Up until the late 30's the WT pictured Christ as dying on the traditional cross. Rutherford attacked the traditional story of the cross as wrong because "The cross was worshipped by the Pagan Celts long before the [birth] and death of Christ." (pages 188-189) With no accompanying historical or archaeological evidence, Rutherford stated his new doctrine as fact.

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