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When my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I moved cardboard boxes into our first shared home with the barely-working heaters and linoleum flooring; and some months later we got a furry brown puppy who chewed all of our i Phone cords to their death; and, a couple years after that, with shaking hands, we stood in a Redwood forest surrounded by friends and family and said “I do.” But before all of that, we dated. But we fought over popcorn in movie theatres (he inhales it) and we split platters of cheese-topped french fries and, sometimes, we strolled down city streets, hand in hand, and explored. Not that dates don’t still happen for us, they do, but they tend to be more of a “squeeze it in here and there” kind of thing rather than a scheduled event, carved out just for us, that we can look forward to in anticipation.

Like real dates that are planned in advance and inked on calendars. So, when the opportunity arose to have a little “staycation” in our own hometown, on the other side of the river and at the swanky downtown Hotel de Luxe no less, we jumped. We looked at our calendars, flipped from week to week, and finally settled on a night that worked for both of us, about eight weeks in advance.

Though we’d planned to pick up a mooring ball at the city marina like most cruisers do, when we arrived…

Read More » FROM THE SOUTHERN BAHAMAS, BACK TO SOUTHERN FLORIDA On the night that lightning struck our boat, I figured our cruising plans would have to change. And in the days that followed, my husband and I were often really good at being in denial. Read More » Off in the distance there’s a large vessel moving across the water like an elephant in a desert. But as it moves closer, I notice its flattened bow. Read More » I ran downstairs to check the engine compartment, convinced the unusual guttural growl I’d heard coming from La Mo’s belly towards the end of my 12-2am shift on watch was a not-so-timid warning sign from our motor baby.There are always things to improve on your vessel, things to learn, and, of course, things to fix.And then fix and fix and fix again, because it’s a boat and if boats do one thing…) And by that I mean, he bounded into the suite like he owned the place and immediately began gnawing on all the toys they’d left out for him on his doggy bed. Hit the Food Carts We’d prepared for this trip with smoothies and salads for days and by the time we checked in around noon we were both completely famished.But in a city like Portland, with over 500 food carts slinging street food for hungry passerby, a quick bite is never hard to come by.

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