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Likewise, it is claimed that the more you teach the more you are able to understand the concepts (Thompson, n.d.).

Thus, the high achiever is able to concretize what is taught by assisting the slow learner to grasp concepts that may be difficult for the slow learner or the average learner.

The paper also focuses on the policies laid therein by the United Kingdom government to ensure reduced discrimination of other ethnic communities, as well as facilitate equitable access to every individual to proper housing.A thorough understanding of the impact our mannerisms, proximity, style, and body language has on the observer can greatly aid the communicator in their effort to provide a clear and unambiguous message.Previous attempts at quantifying these messages have often found themselves grounded in a particular culture and measured from that culture's perspective, which limits the accuracy of the anticipated outcome of a cross-culture encounter.The teacher then is challenged to bring these abstract concepts to the level of all the students.At the same time that the teacher is trying to convey the lesson to the slow learners the teacher has to present some challenge to all the learners, thus simplifying an abstract concept for the benefit of the slow learner may cause challenges for the high performer.

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Reflecting on the lessons involves true retention of the concepts coupled with introspection of how it impacts me.

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