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her sweetness so i was browsing through my bookmarks and i found so many old lawlight death note fanfics that i had saved and forgot to recommend on my blog, and while i know i’m not a rec blog anymore, it’d be a shame not to share these with others. (L/Light, lawlight, long one shot)Fallen In Love (L/Light, lawlight, one shot)Aftermath (L/Light, lawlight, slow burn)Light Yagami’s Diary (one shot)note: i’m NOT about to start recommending fics again.

this was a one time thing, so i hope i don’t get asks for help to find particular fics.

The story starts off in what appears to an alternative future to the primary Death Note story.

Light Yagami is an old man and he is sitting in an office, writing criminal names in his Death Note.

Car Accident," and is then run over and killed by a truck that appears out of nowhere (resembling the Shibuimaru Takuo car accident of Light’s second victim he killed with his Death Note).

Yet again, Light comes back to life and wonders to himself what is going on, until Ryuk interrupts and tells him he is experiencing the atonement that a human does whenever a human being uses a Death Note.

Ryuk says that he is unsure if the king will even be interested in the deal, and Light tells Ryuk that he can even kill the king if needed, with a battle for the summit.

Light claims that after so many years of being Kira, he is finally tired of a life of killing others.To my knowledge the only versions available online are incomplete and in different languages. Most of the older fandoms were popular when people were primarily using LJ or FF, so most of the fanfiction is on there.There is a French translation here (TL up to chapter 5) and one in Spanish (TL up to chapter 4) here. Fandoms like Naruto and Ouran are the same- 401k and 22k on ff, 16k and 1.5k on AO3.Almost two years after the arrest of Kira, Near has finally succeeded L, but his reign hasn’t gone unchallenged.Faced with an unsolvable string of murders threatening both his position and his life, the third L must seek help from an unlikely (and unlikable) source: his imprisoned predecessor, Light Yagami.

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Ryuk agrees to Light’s request, and so Ryuk writes Light’s name in his Death Note and Light dies.

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