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Case managers in the Australian Government Support for Victims of People Trafficking Program noted that many of their clients (suspected victims of trafficking) had children who remained in their home country and could only come to Australia for a visit (David 2007).

Children are also affected where their parents are the primary victims of trafficking.

It includes observations on issues such as the forms of child trafficking observed in these regions, factors associated with vulnerability to trafficking and the issue of 'good practice' in the protection of children from this crime.

This paper concludes by noting some of the gaps in the existing literature.

A critical difference between the trafficking of adults and children centres on the means of control during the trafficking process.

The trafficking of adult men and women must involve an action, a means and a purpose.

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A small number of respondents from UN agencies and international non-government organisations involved in trafficking and related areas were asked to review 10 case scenarios and determine whether or not trafficking had occurred.

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