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We all make mistakes, but In late July, Barrons columnist Chelsea Dulaney really goofed.

In writing about a pending surge in commodity Cheddar prices, she recommended that investors could hope on that uptick by buying stock in Dean Foods. And when disappointing second quarter earnings came out in August, Dean Foods stock continued its nose-dive having lost half its value from early January 2017 through late summer.

Fluid processors (primarily Dean Foods) will start chasing after other processors retail accounts. At an August 2017 meeting with Mexicos dairy organizations, representatives of the National Milk Producers Federation and the U. Dairy Export Council came up with a multi-part, joint resolution that calls for, among other foolishness, establishing free-flow of dairy products between the two nations. In late August and early September, cash butter and cheese prices at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange headed south.

Dairy Farmers of America is offering cheap Class III milk to Wisconsin plants from the Mid-East order. But the weekly dairy commodity price survey of manufacturers by USDAs Agricultural Marketing Service didnt go down. In late August, the Courts came down hard on Defendants in dairys long-running milk powder mis-reporting case.

milk from that area is being trucked three or four times per week to Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The seriously troubled Northeast looks like its getting ready for some sort of consolidation of dairy co-ops. The nations newest dairy processing plant DFAs milk powder plant in Garden City, Kansas, will open this fall.

When Walmart starts processing fluid milk at its brand new facility early next year, dairy will never be the same. Just what the nation needs a milk powder plant smack dab on top of the fast-declining Ogallala aquifer.

We profile Clover Sonoma, a major dairy processor in the SF Bay Area.

Up and down price movements of dairy commodities in cash market trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are starting to defy logic. Wiegel explains the issues, and strongly urges that more research into Kappa Casein Es functionality be conducted in the U. Writer Ken Rabas offers his personal insights about curd formation issues involving milk from cows with the Kappa Casein E gene. Kent Weigel about concerns that a variant of bovine milk proteins Kappa Casein E may not allow curd formation in cheese vats as efficiently as milk from dairy cows without the Kappa Casein E gene.Those law are the targets of multiple lawsuits, and the states DOJ looks like it is scrambling for a fall-back position. Kathy Bernier (R) has submitted that bill, which is as yet unnumbered. Separately, we report that Russian interests want to buy 33,000 U. Pete Hardin offers his two cents on National Milk Producers Federation and its half-baked plan to improve the Margin Protection Program-Dairy the worthless safety net program for dairy farmers that has more holes than a piece of good Swiss cheese.At the earliest, that legislation will be considered in late January 2018. Hardin proposes regionalizing feed costs and net milk prices to make MPP-Dairy work properly along with a lot of other overdue changes for federal diary policy.

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At a recent state DNR meeting, owner Todd Tuls claimed to be gifted by God to be a dairy farmer.

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