Entourage not updating mailbox

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That seemed to go fine but since then, Entourage appears to connect without error but nothing updates. OWA works fine; Outlook clients (both 20) work fine for both me and everyone else.

Even Apple's kind of lame Mail program connects to the Exchange 2007 server fine. I think Entourage is connecting to the server but not updating.

The Mail app is showing you the emails that got moved into your Inbox most "recently" instead of your "newest" emails.

I’ve tried right clicking on a folder and choosing synchronize, and I have tried altering the contents of a message in a folder.

This seemingly endless trip to the bottom of your Inbox is tedious, but it really does set things straight.

Your newest mail will rise to the top again once you've pulled all the way to the actual bottom of your Inbox. Signup or re-signup for Sane Box and allow us to help.

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