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This is why approaching an unknown dog is always discouraged.Another reason behind aggressive behavior could be a medical condition.Note: If a dog is acting aggressively it is crucial to manage the behavior with aggressive dog training or call in a professional with aggressive dog training expertise as soon as possible.Due to the safety issues involved with an aggressive dog and the legality that can arise, a guardian of such a dog will want to act in a prompt and responsible manner.Other possible reasons that can cause a dog to displays overly aggressive canine behavior may be because the pack order is not well defined.Your dog may think that he or she is the alpha, and that you are not.Reasons Behind Aggression One of the main causes of a dog's aggressiveness is usually due to dog owners themselves.

You must make sure that your dog is at the bottom of the pack and that your dog realizes that you are at the alpha leader instead. For example, you have to be a more firm with a dog that does not consider itself at the bottom of the pack.Certain dogs breeds (Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, St.Bernards) also have the temperament to be aggressive while other dogs may have an association to the unfamiliar that triggers them to react in an aggressive manner (even though they aren’t necessarily in a situation where their survival is indeed threatened).Punishing the dog or yelling at it may encourage the dog to become more aggressive, putting you or someone else safety in further danger.When an animal is tense, nervous, or afraid, adding the element of additional fear will only intensify those emotions.

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